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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly

Your business could be losing $300.00 or more a day if you don't have a Mobile

There are over 90 Million Americans that browse the web from their mobile
phones or mobile devices.

If your website is not Mobile Friendly, it is nearly impossible for most Mobile
Phone users to navigate your current website.

Most standard websites were design for monitors that are at least 10 inches or

Your website was not designed for the smaller screen that is used by all mobile
or mobile devices.

Mobile Websites can help to increase your bottom line, more website traffice
quals more profits for your business.

Here are some of the benefits of having a Mobile Website:

Your customers are on the move and are using their mobile phones to search for your business .

Your customers are 3 times more likely to buy when searching the internet on their mobile phone than when searching the internet from their home computer.

Mobile Websites - There are billions of people in the world these days who definitely have mobile devices and smart phones, and it is becoming more and more essential for your business to have one or more mobile websites.

Mobile Websites can increase the daily profits for any business

Mobile Websites can increase the daily profits for any business!

Presently 98 percent of all websites online do not provide their clients the ability to gain access to their internet site from their mobile device.

With the ever increasing popularity of internet surfing over the cellular devices, the number of mobile internet surfers has increased significantly. As indicated in a report of Neilson Company, the mobile phone internet usage is actually growing at the rate of 30% per month. Most of the end users are young people with the enhanced interests of understanding new issues and services. This particular trend has motivated the businesses to begin appealing to this market from various dimensions with brand-new techniques and revolutionary methodologies. The concept of mobile websites is an outcome of the very same strategic thinking in the commercial communities.

Consider social networking such as twitter as well as Facebook, these web sites have a mobile formatted web site that's easily accessible for their customers.

Your current advantages for utilizing mobile websites are the ability for customer to reach you coming from anywhere and at any time period, you have an extra advantage to compete with your competition that has yet to utilize a mobile prepared web site, you have an additional channel to promote your products or services, and ultimately consumer really loves to compare prices; by giving that capability to your customer, chances are they will tend to purchase the product from your website if they could reach your site easily through their mobile phone. Finally, m-commerce is actually turning into an important addition to website marketing techniques and strategies. With the proper set up, you could gain a huge benefit from m-commerce.

The design of mobile websites are different as compared to your regular web page design because the screen resolution on a mobile device is substantially smaller, and the level of bandwidth is significantly reduced. Therefore it will need to have a much smaller resolution in order to fit on the screen, and it would definitely also need to have as little files as possible to be able to load quickly. Simply by having one or two mobile websites, you open yourself up to major increases in targeted traffic by taking advantage of mobile phone search optimization rather than just traditional search engine optimization.

With the technological capabilities of smart phones increasing at a rapid rate, along with far better mobile connections and even mobile high speed broadband, this is actually a massive and growing market that can not be ignored. It may be possible for these kinds of devices to view web content material that was designed to be displayed on a computer monitor, however, you could take your normal blog or web site data and make it display in a manner that is designed to be read on a cell phone. One way this will improve your over-all web site traffic is because once somebody locates your mobile websites or blog by doing a search using their mobile phone, they might look up the standard version of your site when they are back at their computer.

By using either a number of mobile websites, or perhaps a custom mobile application for your web site (or both), you'll be able to maximize the amount of exposure you can get from the enormous market of mobile phone users

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